Den Digitala Draken
Tom Xiong
Tom Xiong
Co-founder & Host "Den Digitala Draken"

Den Digitala Draken med gäster: Why China is the leading innovator in e-commerce

Why China is the leading innovator in e-commerce

The Founders and hosts of the podcast ”Den Digitala Draken” bring several guests to D-Congress to explain why China is the leading innovator in e-commerce and discuss the following topics:

  • How e-commerce becomes hugely profitable through ecosystems
  • China Speed: the story of startups scaling from 0 to 3bn USD IPO in 1 year through social commerce
  • The New Millennials feeding a new generation of brands
  • Market Places: Predicting how Amazon will impact Europe by looking at China’s development.

About Tom Xiong

Entrepreneur, speaker and advisior. Co-founder and host of the podcast “Den Digitala Draken”. Based in Shanghai. Founder of the startup Move Shanghai. He has previously worked with digital expansion for companies in Europe, USA and Asia.



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