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Mauro Boffardi
Mauro Boffardi
Omnichannel Technology Manager – Senior Digital Architect at Accenture Interactive

Simply designing websites is not enough anymore – brand perception in B2B context

Simply designing websites is not enough anymore – brand perception in B2B context

Learn about what has changed and why will this impact the way you should think about the brand, from three industry experts at Fjord, Accenture Interactive and Intershop, as well as speaking about our clients Stadium, Åhlens, Martin & Servera and Ellos and focusing on the direct and concrete online experience of the brand in the B2B context.

About Mauro

Mauro started developing digital channels in Italy at the end of the 90s with customers like SONY Italia, Chrysler Group, UniEuro (Dixon Group). In 2008 he moved to Sweden where he had the opportunity to work with Dixon Group again (Elkjøp, Elgiganten), Stadium, Alko, Martin & Servera, Åhlens, Pierce, BMW Nordics and many others.

His role and passion was also to take business goals and requirements and translate them in a viable plan and a performant an reliable technical solution, involving all systems from backend to frontend. Currently Mauro is one of the end 2 end architects for the global online platform of H&M.


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