Julie Chen
Julie Chen

Next generation of e-commerce: Social Commerce

Next generation of e-commerce: Social Commerce

The Founders and hosts of the podcast ”Den Digitala Draken” bring several guests, among them Julie Chen from Flamingo, to D-Congress to explain why China is the leading innovator in e-commerce and discuss the following topics:

  • How e-commerce becomes hugely profitable through ecosystems
  • China Speed: the story of startups scaling from 0 to 3bn USD IPO in 1 year through social commerce
  • The New Millennials feeding a new generation of brands
  • Market Places: Predicting how Amazon will impact Europe by looking at China’s development.

About Julie Chen

Before starting Flamingo with Shenyi Wu, Julie was Investment Manager at Sequoia Capital China. Julie holds a MBA from Yale and has vast experience from both the US and China.

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