Göran Sällvin
Göran Sällvin
Sales Manager Large Customer Sales, Head of Sweden Account Management

International expansion represents a massive growth opportunity.

International expansion represents a massive growth opportunity

Despite political uncertainties, international expansion represents a massive growth opportunity – and it has never been easier to pursue it than in today’s digital world. Google is a highly dedicated partner to Swedish companies of all sizes aspiring to seize this opportunity, and support them on every step along the way.

About Göran Sällvin

Göran is a Sales Manager of Google’s Large Customer Sales division, overlooking the Swedish Market across all industries. The Large Customer Sales division is helping major companies in Sweden to grow their business both domestic and abroad with Google solutions and partnerships. Göran also co-leads the International Growth business for Google Sweden which in particular is helping Google’s customers identify and successfully pursue growth opportunities in international markets, making it easy to reach new customers anywhere in the world.

Göran has 15+ years of experience of driving and delivering measurable business results in digital transformation. Experience from transforming business offline to online as well as developing new business in Online Marketing.



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