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Albin Junhede
Albin Junhede
Sustainability Reporting & Tech Leader

Data transparency - Empowering people to make better choices. “Show us your numbers”

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Data transparency – Empowering people to make better choices. “Show us your numbers”

Many companies are on their way to creating and leveraging data transparency, and more look into it every day. Getting started can be relatively easy, because the technology to deliver it – master data management – has been trusted by leading companies around the world for years. MDM enables them to acquire, manage, govern and share accurate, up-to-date information, and to deliver better data that drives better business.In a market where consumers demand and expect more from retailers and brands than ever, the impact of this kind of information accessibility can be transformative. By making data more transparent and accessible to the customer, addressing their concerns over issues that impact their lives and environment, MDM isn’t simply delivering better data to drive better business. It’s also helping to create a better and more transparent world in the process. Stibo Systems, Nexer and Oatly aim to inspire by sharing their data story.

Albin Junhede

Albin leads the work with developing Oatly’s sustainability reporting process, from frameworks & KPI to data and tech-solutions. With a background as a consultant at EY, he has during the last years been part of building finance, supply chain and IT departments at Oatly before stepping into the Sustainability department. During these years he has been part of global management teams and has led implementations of PIM & PLM-systems as well as being part of rolling out a global ERP-solution. He is well experienced in change management and tying together different parts of the company at the same time as keeping the eye on the market and consumers. His passions are centered around data, people & leadership and technology as a tool to improve business processes & building competitive advantage.


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