Links to consumer rights

Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN)

The Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) is an authority that resolves disputes between consumers and companies. ARN is an impartial, independent body, and does not advise in individual cases.

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European Consumer Centre Sweden

ECC Sweden, a member of European Consumer Centres Network, provides consumers with information and advice on purchasing goods and services from outside Sweden within the EU, and in Norway and Iceland. The service is free of charge.

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The Swedish Consumer Agency

The Swedish Consumer Agency, a governmental body, has a supervisory role, and performs checks, provides information and knowledge-building, intelligence-gathering and addresses international concerns to enable consumers to make informed choices and avoid pitfalls of purchasing goods and services.

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Hallå konsument

Hallå konsument is a Swedish national information service coordinated by the Swedish Consumer Agency. The service answers questions about the purchase of goods and services, the right to return faulty goods, sustainable shopping and other consumer concerns.

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A joint online advisory site operated by the Swedish Consumers’ Banking and Finance Bureau and the Swedish Consumers’ Insurance Bureau. The two foundations provide consumers with independent information and advice regarding banking, financial and insurance services.


Swedish Telecom Advisors

Swedish Telecom Advisors (Telekområdgivarna) is an impartial independent organisation that provides free consumer information, guidance and assistance concerning telephone, TV and internet subscriptions.

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Swedish Consumers’ Association

Swedish Consumers’ Association is an independent, non-profit organisation serving consumers. It campaigns for the right of all consumers to protection, influence and safeguards for making informed and sustainable choices. It also publishes the consumer test magazine “Råd och Rön”.

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“Råd och Rön”

“Råd & Rön” is the Swedish subscription-based consumer test magazine published 10 times a year by the Swedish Consumers’ Association. The product and service reviews allow consumers to make informed purchases. The magazine simplifies the myriad of products and services available, highlighting best options and blacklisting those that fail their tests.

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“Plånboken” - consumer affairs programme on Swedish radio

“Plånboken” (“the wallet”) is a consumer affairs national radio programme on personal finances. Listener questions put to experts are combined with useful fact-finding reports. Features weekly discussions concerning household finances and consumer affairs. Finance journalism for ordinary consumers. Because personal finances matter!

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