Criteria for TRYGG E-HANDEL trustmark certification

Read on here to learn about the criteria that must be met for gaining the Swedish TRYGG E-HANDEL online trading trustmark certification.

Criteria for TRYGG E-HANDEL trustmark certification

The aim of the TRYGG E-HANDEL trustmark certification scheme is to promote trust in the Swedish e-commerce sector. Companies with TRYGG E-HANDEL certification demonstrate to consumers that they are a safe trader to buy from.

To gain the TRYGG E-HANDEL certification, online traders are consequently required to meet certain criteria. One fundamental requirement is that the trader is compliant with Swedish legislation, in particular Swedish consumer legislation. The TRYGG E-HANDEL organisation has compiled a number of the criteria to be met by online merchants in order to be certified as a TRYGG E-HANDEL trader.

Read on below for details of how to gain TRYGG E-HANDEL certification, and the eligibility criteria. In addition to the criteria below, we require all certified traders to comply with Swedish legislation.


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Information about merchant data

In order to gain the trustmark, the website must provide certain basic data on the trader’s business so that consumers know who they are concluding an agreement with. This is why we expect TRYGG E-HANDEL traders to provide transparent and readily available information on their business such as the full trading name of the merchant, its national business registration number/VAT number and contact details.

Customer service and availability

For consumers to perceive an online transaction as reputable, they must have a means of contacting the TRYGG E-HANDEL trader in case of any queries. This is why the online trader is required to have an efficient and responsive customer service organisation. You are required to answer consumer queries concerning matters such as orders or purchases, faulty goods returns, the cooling off period or inquiries concerning consumer privacy – by e-mail or the like within 48 hours.

Products/services and total costs

Information about products/services

It is important for consumers to be given accurate information about the product/service offered by a TRYGG E-HANDEL trader so that they can make an informed choice about their order. This might be information about product or service features or circumstances that must be in place in order to be able to make use of the product or service.

Price and payment

TRYGG E-HANDEL traders also ensure that consumers have the opportunity to consider the total price of a product/service before concluding an agreement. This would include value added tax, the delivery fee and other additional charges.

As a TRYGG E-HANDEL trader, it is acceptable to apply a minimum order value to delivery or to require a deposit, provided that consumers are given this information early on in the ordering process.

Order confirmation

TRYGG E-HANDEL traders must always send a confirmation of the consumer’s order or purchase by email or letter within reasonable time from when the transaction was completed.


The TRYGG E-HANDEL scheme is committed to responsible marketing vis-à-vis consumers. This is why we apply special requirements to offers, promotions and special deals and reductions from TRYGG E-HANDEL traders. It must be clear, for example, how long a special offer will be valid for, and whether it is a conditional offer (e.g. whether certain brands or products are excluded from the offer). TRYGG E-HANDEL traders may hold sales for a limited period only. The maximum duration of a sale is three consecutive weeks and a total of two months in each calendar year.

Criteria regarding terms & conditions and the “buy” button

If an order or purchase entails liability for payment on the part of the consumer, this must be self-evident from the “buy” button during the order process. Consequently, TRYGG E-HANDEL traders are required to label their “buy” button with the following words or phrases: “Buy Now”, “Checkout”, “Confirm & Pay” or similar words or phrases.

When placing their order, consumers must have an easy means of agreeing to the TRYGG E-HANDEL trader’s terms & conditions applying to the purchase, e.g. by means of a checkbox, which the consumer has to click in order to complete the purchase transaction, with a link to the terms and conditions.


Information about delivery

TRYGG E-HANDEL traders always provide transparent information about how delivery will be made. The information provided should concern how long delivery takes and the delivery options available. TRYGG E-HANDEL traders must also have procedures for notifying the consumer of any delays in delivery.

Delayed delivery

As a TRYGG E-HANDEL trader, you are not permitted to disclaim liability for delayed delivery, or to operate with any procedures that curtail the consumer’s rights in case of delayed delivery. This applies regardless of any terms you have agreed with a delivery firm.

Product information upon delivery

Upon delivery, consumers must be provided with any information in print or digital format that they need for making use of the product or service. User manuals and the like should, in principle, be provided in Swedish, but may be in another language, depending on the information provided to the consumer when the purchase agreement was concluded.

Information about the right to cancel in the cooling-off period

TRYGG E-HANDEL traders are required to resolve any matters concerning the consumer’s legal right to cancel in accordance with statutory legislation and must provide explicit information on the right to cancel within the cooling-off period, and how to exercise this right. It is also important to provide information about the option of using the Swedish Consumer Agency’s standard form for exercising the cancellation right, with a functioning link to that form.

Warranty and faulty-goods returns

Processing of claims for defects in goods or delivery

TRYGG E-HANDEL traders shall have an efficient organisation in place for processing consumer claims for defective goods or delayed delivery.

Information about the right to claim for defects

Not all consumers are fully aware of their rights. As a TRYGG E-HANDEL trader, you can help to inform consumers of their rights by providing information about what a claim for defects involves. This might, for example, be information that, under Swedish law, consumers have three years in which to make a claim for faulty goods or delayed delivery.

Warranties and servicing pledges

If TRYGG E-HANDEL traders provide warranties or service pledges for their products or services, the consumer must be given explicit information about the warranty or service pledge, including any limitations.


Regardless of whether a consumer exercises their legal right to cancel during the cooling off period, or claims for defects, TRYGG E-HANDEL traders must have procedures in place for refunding the consumer’s payment. If the consumer exercises their right to cancel a purchase, as a rule, the refund shall be made within 14 days of the date on which the merchant received the cancellation notice. In such cases, the amount paid must be refunded in full, less any shipping costs (depending on the information provided about this).

If, however, the consumer claims for a defect, the entire amount, including the shipping fee, must be refunded. TRYGG E-HANDEL traders also have procedures to ensure reimbursements due to consumers under statutory law. Refunds shall be made without undue delay as soon as a defects claim has been authorised.

Alternative dispute resolution

As a TRYGG E-HANDEL trader, you must abide by the decisions of the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN). Any dispute shall be settled by either ARN in Sweden or European Commission Online Dispute Resolution (EU ODR).

You must also inform consumers of their options for filing their claim with ARN, and that an online platform is available for dispute resolution.


A TRYGG E-HANDEL trader is aware of the legal limitations on the ability of minors to conclude agreements. If a TRYGG E-HANDEL trader sells products or services to minors, procedures shall be in place for managing agreements with minors.

TRYGG E-HANDEL traders also have special procedures for ensuring that marketing aimed at minors is responsible and confirms to best practices.

Payment solutions

In order to cater for different consumer requirements, TRYGG E-HANDEL traders may give them a choice of various payment options. If a payment option carries an additional cost to the consumer or entails any form of limitation, then the consumer must be specifically advised of this.

TRYGG E-HANDEL traders (or their partners) are required to satisfy certain security requirements applicable to card payments, e.g. PCI DSS requirements for card processing, or to ensure that they hold a valid SSL certificate.

Special requirements for subscriptions

TRYGG E-HANDEL traders offering subscription services to consumers shall provide the consumer with information about the duration of the subscription and how to cancel it. It must be extra clear to the consumer if the subscription is renewed automatically. However, TRYGG E-HANDEL traders must under no circumstances have a setup whereby a trial subscription, for example, is automatically renewed if the standard subscriber fee is substantially higher than the initial trial fee.

For automatic subscription renewal, the consumer shall always have the right to cancel the subscription with immediate effect within 30 days of renewal (provided that the consumer has not utilised the service during that time).

Data privacy

Access to data, including personal data, is often valuable for TRYGG E-HANDEL traders. TRYGG E-HANDEL traders have procedures in place for safeguarding consumer privacy in a transparent and responsible manner. You are required to provide clear information about how the consumer’s personal data are processed, and to have procedures in place for appropriate processing of inquiries concerning the exercise of consumer rights.