Since 2015, this event has brought together wholesalers, retailers and market-leading suppliers within digital B2B commerce.

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Expand your online B2B business. Sell through new channels by utilizing the power of innovative technical solutions and platforms!

Traditional B2B sales have long been viewed equal to sellers travelling around the country. Until recently! Today, we know that most purchase processes start online, even within B2B commerce.

No matter the industry or need being serviced, people (customers) are used to seeking and receiving information from different channels and on their own terms. This can be websites, social channels and networking sites or marketplaces such as Amazon.

D-B2B focuses on organisational and strategic challenges that need to be solved and developed. This is since the traditional B2B business model is currently facing a massive conversion with focus on digital sales channels and tools. The expectations that exist within digital B2C commerce must also be met in the B2B world.

D-B2B Gothenburg


A few words from our participants

“It’s very interesting with the stories from the other companies that are here. To see how we share the same experiences.”

Malin Tall, Volvo Trucks

“A very interesting day. It gave me a lot of ideas that I can implement in our organization, thoughts that help me forward in ongoing projects and ideas for the future. Thank you very much!”

Karin Lindman, Product Marketing Manager
Findus Sverige

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