Keynote 8 October

Elin Ankerblad, Founder & Business Director - Doberman
The future requires innovation - keys to make it happen in reality.

Elin is one of the founders of the design and innovation agency Doberman. With 20 years in the industry, about 100 employees in Stockholm & New York and a business that extends from digital transformation to product design, Doberman has developed into an internationally leading and norm breaking design consulting company under Elin's leadership. During the talk, she will share cases and experiences from digital innovation when working with both Swedish and international companies from different industries and at different digital maturity levels.

Speaker programme

Fredrik Tukk, Head of Innovation Partnering - Maersk Drilling

Can you bring back innovative and entrepreneurial spirit into a corporate organization and combine it with the ability to work agile? Learn how Maersk Drilling set together a digital innovation team in a start-up setting and relocated outside the HQ in an old villa to build, launch and commercialize minimum viable digital products through accelerated and agile development with early involvement of partners and end customers in a digital ecosystem.

Speaker programme