Boost your competitiveness for borderless selling!

On 7 March, Svensk Distanshandel AB convened the entire Swedish e-commerce ecosystem. D-Congress essentially symbolises that ecosystem. Everyone attends. This is where the hottest new services are presented. This is where the latest insights are shared. And this is where many new alliances and networks are formed. And with a full turnout here in Gothenburg, it is thrilling to realise that Swedish e-commerce is doing really well. In fact, doing brilliantly. More and more Swedish online traders are achieving a great bottom line and booming – not only on their home market but internationally too..

Borderless selling holds opportunities for expansion

And that’s what’s needed. Because once selling goes borderless, the competition ramps up too. And yet borderless selling holds opportunities for expansion too. And on that scene, a number of Swedish businesses stand out from the rest. They are blazing a trail. They are creating customer experiences that break with the norm. And they are putting Swedish online traders on the global e-commerce map.

We are very proud to be hosting the 2019 programme and fair

Because like e-commerce, D-Congress is evolving rapidly. Our numbers have swelled. And we also take great pride in the programme and fair mounted in association with our Business Partners this year. As an e-commerce veteran said to me a month ago: “I’ve never seen such a compelling programme for an e-commerce event in Sweden before. It would be plain madness not to attend the D-Congress this year”.

With sincere thanks for this year and see you again on 5 March 2020. Same time, same place!

All speakers

Here is a full listing of all the speakers at the 2019 D-Congress. Our speakers are widely representative of all interests in the development and future of e-commerce.

Full speaker listing

D-AWARD 2019
e-Commerce Business of the Year

D-Award is a recent award established by the Swedish E-commerce Association. Nominees Desenio, iDeal Of Sweden and RevolutionRace were shortlisted by a jury composed of the board of the Swedish E-commerce Association, and the winner was chosen by the attendees at D-Congress in Gothenburg on 7 March.

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D-Congress 2019