Keynote Speakers 2019

David Rowan
Former Founding Editor of WIRED UK

David Rowen was Founding Editor of WIRED UK 2008-2017 and he is one of the world’s foremost expert on how technology is reshaping the world around us.

He’s taken 125 flights in the past year to investigate the companies and entrepreneurs changing our world, recently spending time with the founders of WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Google, Spotify, Xiaomi, Nest, Twitter and countless other ambitious startups from Tel Aviv to Shenzhen.

Den Digitala Draken
Bringing China to Gothenburg

The creators of the podcast “Den Digitala Draken” (“the digital dragon”), Jacob Lovén and Tom Xiong, will be bringing several guests from China to D-Congress to showcase why China is already forefronting innovation within e-commerce.

Learn how e-commerce in China is achieving strong profitability through ecosystems, how a new generation is fostering bright new brands and learn from the most successful examples of social commerce.

Linn Tagesson
Linn Tagesson Co-Founder and Chief Cultural Officer of Babyshop Group

Linn Tagesson is Co-Founder and Chief Cultural Officer of Babyshop Group. This e-tail group is platformed on,, and and operates 11 physical stores in Norway and two in Sweden. Annual group turnover is in excess of SEK 1 billion.

Mårten Barkman
Director small & medium Businesses EMEA, Facebook

Respected as a credible voice and thought leader in the fast-moving digital world, Måren earns a seat at the table wherever he serves. At D-Congress he will describe four key shifts shaping the global marketplace: Curation, Community, Conversation and Commerce.

Daniel Claesson
Head of Business Development H&M Group

Daniel Claesson, Head of Business Development, and member of the management group of H&M Group. In an interview with HUI Research’s Emma Hernell, Daniel describes how the H&M Group creates a state-of-the-art customer experience based on inspiring, relevant and convenient shopping.

Tobias Wittmann
Director of International Growth Strategy & International Growth team (EMEA), Google

Tobias is a Director of Google’s Large Customer Sales division, overlooking the International Growth advisory services and offering. In his speech at D-Congress he will describe how international expansion represents a massive growth opportunity and how Google support companies of all sizes on every step along the way of their international expansion.

Julie Chen
Co-founder Flamingo

Before starting Flamingo with Shen Wu, Julie was Investment Manager at Sequoia Capital China. Julie holds a MBA from Yale and has vast experience from both the US and China.

Julie is one of Den Digitala Drakens guests, flying in from Kina.

Shen Wu
Co-founder Flamingo

Shen Wu has a unique knowledge about the e-commerce market in China previously holding CFO positions for both Pinduoduo (31bn USD valuation) and RED (3bn USD valuation). Shen has a law degree from Yale Law School.

Shen is one of Den Digitala Drakens guests, flying in from Kina.

Nicholas Young
Co-Founder Karakul

Nicholas is the former head of Innovation for JD AI, part of China’s largest e-tailer (33bn USD valuation). He holds a Master of Business Asministration (MBA) from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Nicholas Young is one of Den Digitala Drakens guests, flying in from China

Tingting Fang
Brand Director JudyDoll

Tingting is currently working with one of the fastest growing cosmetics brands in China, having sold millions of products during its first year of business. Previously Tingting was co-founder of Heyshop (A Chinese version of Shopify) and worked with business development of the Ping++ (Stripe of China).

Tingting Fang is one of Den Digitala Drakens guests, flying in from China

Linda Li
Managing Director & Partner, Vickers Venture Partners

Ms. Linda Li joined Vickers since its inception in 2005 and is a member of the Investment Committee. Based in Shanghai, she is responsible for investments in mainland China. Her areas of focus include consumer internet, digital healthcare, online education, and financial services.

Linda Li is one of Den Digitala Drakens guests, flying in from China.