At D-Congress there is something for everyone in digital commerce

D-Congress is organized by the Swedish E-Commerce Association and the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in collaboration with the Swedish Trade Federation. With more than 2000 participants, 110 exhibitors and 40 speakers, we are Sweden’s largest e-commerce event. The entire ecosystem of digital commerce in Sweden is gathered for a full day listening to inspiring speakers, exchanging experiences and establishing new business relations.

Be inspired by the best when competition intensifies. Learn from the world’s most innovative companies. Get insights on how a new generation in China defines what shopping is.

Below is a complete overview with all exhibitors and their stand numbers.

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Monternummer: H08:29

Monternummer: H06:10

Monternummer: G08:12

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Monternummer: G00:01

Monternummer: H00:21

Monternummer: H00:03

Monternummer: H08:01

Monternummer: H05:15

Monternummer: G08:02

Monternummer: H02:19

Monternummer: H08:21

Monternummer: G20:37

Monternummer: G05:11

Monternummer: G00:37

Monternummer: G06:21

Monternummer: G09:01

Monternummer: H00:17

Monternummer: H05:20

Monternummer: G08:22

Monternummer: G05:22

Monternummer: H06:10

Monternummer: H08:22

Monternummer: G20:43

Monternummer: G05:20

Monternummer: H05:17

Monternummer: G00:31

Monternummer: H00:11

Monternummer: G09:01

Monternummer: H02:20

Monternummer: G07:01

Monternummer: H00:01

Monternummer: G20:39

Monternummer: H06:21

Monternummer: H01:04

Monternummer: G08:29

Monternummer: H00:07

Monternummer: G04:22

Monternummer: G07:21

Monternummer: H01:19

Monternummer: G20:41

Monternummer: H01:20

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