Svensk Distanshandel

Our vision is ”Making every other purchase digital” and we present brands such as D-B2B, D-Logistik and D-Congress.


The Nordic region’s primary meeting within digital commerce with over 2000 participants, 110 exhibitors and 40 speakers

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Svensk Distanshandel

Svensk Distanshandel is a service company positioning itself toward companies within digital commerce and is wholly owned by Swedish Trade Federation.

We work with consulting within a number of areas and have a special focus on the development of digital commerce. Here, there are company and profitability issues, as well as developments regarding whatever is happening within the European arena. We also work with industry-specific assignments with the purpose of alerting politicians, authorities and media about companies’ market conditions with the goal of improving digital commerce in Sweden.

Within the organisation, a number of annual events are held under brands such as D-B2B, D-Logistik and D-Congress

D-Congress, where retail and e-commerce professionals meet.


Don’t miss our interesting event.


The board of Svensk Distanshandel has a good foundation with interest in both business and politics. An important prerequisite for making digital commerce successful in Sweden.