Pre-book 1:1 meetings at D-Congress

We want you to get the best value and ROI from your visit at D-Congress. To increase efficiency and productivity during the day, we offer you the opportunity to pre-book meetings with exhibitors and other participants. A digital platform helps you find the right and relevant participants and you can pre-book meetings with potential customers, entrepreneurs or industry colleagues.

The networking starts approx. 2 weeks before opening date and if you have a ticket, you will recieve an invitation via e-mail.
Increase your chances to do business and let other participants and exhibitors know what you are looking for. Arrive prepared for a productive day!


➔ Overview of all people who have registered in the app 2021.
➔ Filter participants by category (exhibitor, retailer etc).
➔ Filter participants by focus area (B2B, B2C etc.).
➔ Filter geographical area (Continents).
➔ Book meetings in exhibitor stands and in dedicated meeting areas.
➔ Chat with participants prior to the booked meetings.


Varje månad skickar vi relevant och intressant information inom e-handel. Plus information om aktuella event, frukostmöten och andra tillfällen där branschen samlas. Starta din prenumeration idag!