Denna veckas brief innehåller flera artiklar kopplat till Metaverse och Web 3.0 bland annat olika affärsmodeller, att virtuell shopping inte är Metaverse och ni får även lära er vad DAO är för något.

Övriga artiklar handlar om giganterna Amazon och Shopify


Arne B Andersson & Per Ljungberg

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Metaverse Commerce: Understanding The New Virtual To Physical And Physical To Virtual Commerce Models

Lång artikel av Cathy Hackl, ”the Godmother of the Metaverse”, där hon förtjänstfullt går igenom olika affärsmodeller i the metaverse och hur man bör pröva sig fram utifrån de modeller som visat sig fungera.

”The time has come for business professionals to recognize that they have two options: they can stay entrenched in the traditional paradigms and strategies of consumer purchasing, shopper marketing, and customer experience or they can fully embrace new user journeys in the virtual spaces and in turn the Metaverse. Change and evolution in customer behaviors are not going away and will be further impacted by Gen-Alpha’s reality which further blurs the physical and virtual divide.

While there is still no perfect roadmap for marketing in the Metaverse, there are now sufficient examples of initiatives from which we can learn to help us move forward. Through a holistic strategy that has clear goals and that is flexible change you can eventually build the confidence to put your toe in the water so to speak. No one is suggesting that you go full-blown into the abyss. Taking measured steps is the realistic way to start. With each of your own successes, you will be able to close the gap between the physical world and the virtual world. When you do, you will be amazed at the results.


Shopify breaks the fourth wall

Shopify skulle vara den näst största e-handlaren på den amerikanska marknaden om alla som använder deras plattform betrakades som en aktör. Så är det inte idag, men det vill de nu delvis ändra på när de bygger ett konsumentinriktat ekosystem

Shopify wants to change its role fundamentally. To do that, Shopify has introduced a few consumer-facing features: they can discover brands on the Shop app, trust delivery by Shop Promise, check out with Shop Pay, get cashback through Shop Cash, and more. Some have existed for years, but as Shopify adds more, they form a tighter ecosystem. The shared “Shop” name is Shopify’s consumer brand.

Marketplace Pulse

Amazon and Grubhub Strike Deal to Bring Restaurant Delivery to Prime Members

Intressant partnerskap mellan Amazon och restaurangleverantören Grubhub som är en del i det större företaget Just Eat. Motsvarigheten här i Sverige är exempelvis Foodora Wolt med flera.

Inte omöjligt att liknade partnerskap ingås även i Sverige för att stärka upp Amazon Prime.

Amazon will offer Prime members a yearlong subscription to Grubhub’s membership program, which includes free delivery from a network of restaurants, as well as other discounts.


Nyx professional makeup launches Beauty´s first DAO: Gorjs

Utvecklingen av Metaverse går rasande fort Har ni hört talas om DAO? det hade i alla fall inte vi.

According to Matthieu Guerin, VP of Global Digital & Ecommerce at NYX Professional Makeup, “A DAO is a community-led organization that has no hierarchy. It is created based on common goals and values with a built-in tokenization mechanism, allowing members to decide the direction they want the organization to go in. For GORJS, this means building on the future of beauty in a trusted environment.”

Beauty Matter

Virtual world shopping is not the metaverse: report

Nu kommer en ny rapport från Forrester som opponerar sig mot att virtuell shopping inte är Metaverse och att Roblox där många starka brand lanserat virtuell shopping inte heller bygger på web 3.0 teknik. Intressant läsning.

Virtual shopping experiences are wrongly being labeled as the metaverse, according to Forrester.

Although retailers and brands have launched virtual shopping on Roblox, the report says these experiences have been mislabeled because, “they do not allow consumers to travel or move among disparate environments with their belongings.”

“Even two to three years from now, there will still be no metaverse, but immersive experiences will be more personalized and social. Shopping experiences may extend beyond a single brand, but consumers’ movement will be limited to a single platform or community,” says the report.

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