Veckans brief: First party data, prenumeration och starkare relationer till slutkonsumenten är fördelar som gör att fler och fler traditionella wholesalebolag börjar sälja direkt.

Dessutom innehåller vackans brief bland annat ett mycket intressant podavsnitt från Emarketer om livestreaming och det är klart Microsoft också hakar på Marknadsplatstrenden


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Microsoft’s Bing is building a retail marketplace to rival Google Shopping and aims to drive $25 million in sales by 2023

Nu sällar sig även Microsoft till alla andra och satsar på en egen marknadsplats. kopplad till deras sökmotor Bing men med namnet”Buy Direct” Ambitionerna är väldigt låga men speglar nog ganska bra storleken på Bing jämfört med Google.

One of these sources said Microsoft wants its retail marketplace to get $25 million in gross merchandising value in its 2023 financial year. Gross merchandising value is a key metric that shows the value of sales on an e-commerce platform. Bing’s early expectations are relatively modest – eBay’s GMV in 2021 was $87 billion and Amazon’s GMV in 2021 was $600 billion.

Business Insider

Just keep your returns: Stores weigh paying you not to bring back unwanted items

Enkel och bekväm returhantering är en naturlig del av e-handeln men på grund av supply chain utmaningarna, covid i kina med stora förseningar av säsongsvaror som ligger osålda hos handlarna erbjuder nu flera stora US kedjor sina kunder att behålla sina tänkta returvaror mot betalning.

In recent weeks, some of the biggest store chains, including Target , Walmart,Gap (, American Eagle Outfitters  and others have reported in their latest earnings calls that they have too much inventory of stuff ranging from workout clothes, spring-time jackets and hoodies to garden furniture and bulky kids’ toys. It’s costing them tons of money to store it.

CNN Business

How a B2B Snack Food Pioneer Tackled D2C Channels – And Won

Vi båda tycker DTC trenden är väldigt spännande och intressant att följa och här ett bra exempel på ett brand som nog många känner igen och hur deras DTC strategi ser ut och varför.

KIND’s investment has paid off, but its D2C channels are about more than just revenue. During the pandemic, they kicked off a subscription service for consumers to access their snacks without brick-and-mortar stores. Direct online sales allow the brand to build meaningful personal relationships with loyal customers. And KIND has the benefit of a differentiated brand experience and a way to weather future disruptions.

A seamless subscription service helps KIND tap into a recurring, predictable revenue stream independent of its B2B channels.

First-party data – information that your brand collects from customers and owns – helps marketing, product, and commerce teams learn more about shopper behavior and helps teams make data-driven decisions.

Salesforce 360blog

Snack food brand KIND Snacks is a top-selling nut bar on Amazon and its health-focused products are available nationwide – at supermarkets, specialty stores, and big-box retailers. When its business began in 2004, KIND built a strong B2B distribution model with great success. The next step? Tackling the untapped opportunity of direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels. Bild: Salesforce


Gorillas is seeking collaborations with large retailers in order to achieve profitability

Det börjar bli tufft för Q commerce företagen i takt med att inflationen ökar, räntan stiger. Konsumenter håller hårdare i plånboken och investerare svänger 190 grader från kraven på tillväxt till krav på lönsamhet.

“We realised that, okay, we need to adapt, course correct and we have to do it fast, so there were really tough decisions and now the whole focus is actually going towards profitability,” Gorillas co-founder Ugur Samut said at last week’s Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit in Dublin.


Gorillas has revealed it is seeking collaborations with large retailers in order to achieve profitability within 12 months. The rapid grocery delivery firm was founded in Berlin 2020 and has since expanded to over 60 cities including London, Paris, New York and Amsterdam. Bild: Charged

Around the World with … Livestream shopping

​Vi nämnde vårt stora intresse för DTC tidigare i denna veckans brief och en annan trend som vi följer noga är Live streaming. Ca 5.30 in i detta podavsnitt kan ni lyssna in på utvecklingen av livestreaming i Kina och efter ett sponsrat inlägg intervjuas Karin von Abrams om utvecklingen i Europa. Mycket intressant.

China has set the pace for livestream shopping, but it’s catching on elsewhere around the world. Join our analyst Bill Fisher as he hosts analysts Man-Chung Cheung and Karin von Abrams to discuss some of the successes, road bumps, and opportunities in this space.


Fashion brands pause use of sustainability index tool over greenwashing claims

Den här artikeln tycker vi visar tydligt på komplexiteten när det kommer till att mäta och redovisa hållbarhetsfakta. Sista raderna i artikeln stödjer vi till fullo.

“It needs to make everything open source and stop operating from behind closed doors,” said Grogan, on how the Higg index should work.

An alliance of major fashion brands has announced that it is pausing its use of a tool to measure garments’ sustainability after critics described it as greenwashing.

Until this week, shoppers could go on to H&M’s website and check the environmental impact of 655 of its garments, as rated by the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (MSI), a suite of tools launched last year by a global non-profit alliance, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC).

“This is textbook greenwashing … they’re misleading consumers by attaching this wildly inaccurate data to clothes and footwear.”

The Guardian

Fashion brands pause use of sustainability index tool over greenwashing claims. For example, one pair of cotton shorts was described as using “88% less [water] than conventional materials”; its global warming impact was “14% less than conventional materials”. Bild: The Guardian – Islandstock/Alamy

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